Terms and Conditions

All accommodation offered is available at the time of payment, and at the quoted tariffs.

All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult in the room at all times. Any persons who do not meet this criteria will not be accommodated and will not be refunded.

Meal times are pre-arranged and no allowances can be made for meals not taken.

Rooms must be vacated by 10am on day of departure.

The proprietors cannot accept responsibility for loss of guests’ property, unless handed in for safe custody and signed for by the proprietors or an authorised signatory.

In the event of curtailment or cancellation; the person who paid for the booking will be liable to pay the full cost of the stay. 30 days notice is required to cancel any booking.

Deposits are not refundable under any circumstances, but may be deductible from any claim for compensation arising out of curtailment of the contract.

If payment has been made using a credit or debit card authorised account number, then any payment due owing to curtailment or damage will also be made on this same account number by the proprietor. The card holder will be notified of any such transaction.

The proprietors reserve the right to amend, curtail or terminate any contract should the conduct of any person who is a part to that contract cause any detriment to the hotel or to the well being or comfort of other guests.

By booking this holiday you have entered into a legally binding contract with this establishment, under the terms and conditions as detailed above.

Please note we do not accept one night stays, stag or hens or single sex group bookings. On arrival groups who meet this criteria will not be accommodated and will not be refunded.

Please note check in time is between 2pm and 9pm to avoid disappointment please do not arrive early.

Lastly, please also take note our privacy policy here.